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We offer both accredited and non-accredited classes for Attorneys, Realtors, and Accountants. If your company is interested in scheduling a virtual class with us please fill out the form.

    Here is a description of some of our accredited courses:

    A Basic Guide to IRC 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges (3 hours) – Provides an in-depth review of the basic concepts for a 1031 exchange, as well as expanding on many different topics such as like-kind property, identification rules, and 1031 exchange time-lines. A very good refresher course.

    Minimize Taxes, Maximize Wealth: Understanding Real Estate Tax Strategies (1.5  or 3 hours) – This course provides a holistic overview of various real estate taxation topics such as how to calculate the gain on the sale of a property, as well as various tax deferral strategies such as 1031 exchanges, installment sales, structured installment sales, condemnation exchanges, and replacement property strategies.

    An Overview of IRC §1031 Reverse and Improvement Exchanges (1 hour) – This course covers the more complicated topic of reverse and improvement 1031 exchanges, also known as “parking exchanges”. Reverse exchanges occur when an exchanger must buy their replacement property before selling their relinquished property and an improvement exchange occurs when an exchanger wants to use 1031 funds to buy and improve the replacement property

    Representing an IRC 1031 Exchange Client (1.5 hours for Attorneys) – A “nuts and bolts” course which provides a basic overview of the 1031 rules, while focusing on the mechanics of what every lawyer needs to know to properly represent a 1031 exchange client.

    1031 Exchanges as a Sales Tool for Real Estate Brokers (2 hours) – This course will provide brokers with background on the 1031 exchange process and how brokers can demonstrate added value to investors by involving an experienced intermediary and by identifying opportunities where investors and brokers can benefit from utilizing an exchange.

    Here is a descriptions of some general non-accredited presentations, that we can even customize for your group:

    • 1031 Exchanges as a Sales Tool for Brokers (1 hour)
    • 10 Common Misconceptions about 1031 Exchanges (1 hour)
    • 1031 Exchange Basics (1 hour)
    • An Overview of 1031 Exchanges for Investors and Professionals (1-1.5 hours)

    We also offer non-continuing education presentations on general tax deferral strategies, current tax topics, or tax reform.

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