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New to 1031 Exchanges or Need a Refresher?

A 1031 exchange allows you to defer the recognition of capital gains tax that would otherwise be due upon the sale of real property held for business or investment purposes. 

To estimate how much you can save by structuring your sale as a 1031 exchange, see our website’s capital gains calculator here.

As a 1031 qualified intermediary, we have three primary functions:

New to exchanges, or just need a refresher? Explore our five simple steps below and feel free to contact us any time for inquiries, information, or to start your exchange. Experience the VIP service that sets us apart.

Some key terms to get started:

The Relinquished Property is the property being sold.
The Replacement Property is the property being purchased.

With limited exception, you will want to ensure that the taxpayer purchasing the replacement property is the same taxpayer who sold the relinquished property.

For e.g. if Main Street, LLC sold relinquished property, it must be Main Street, LLC who is also purchasing the replacement property. Read more about the Same Taxpayer Requirement here.

Legal 1031 Exchange Services, LLC can support you through every phase of your 1031 exchange journey. Although we are not permitted by law to provide tax or legal advice, our team of attorneys, CPAs and exchange professionals are a valuable resource that can quickly provide background information and answer any exchange related question.  Our exceptional customer service means that we hold our client’s hands throughout the exchange process.

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Contact us today or schedule a meeting to find out how much you can save by deferring your capital gains taxes.

Legal 1031 Exchange Services, LLC does not provide tax or legal advice, nor can we make any representations or warranties regarding the tax consequences of your exchange transaction. Property owners must consult their tax and/or legal advisors for this information. Our role is limited to serving as qualified intermediary to facilitate your exchange.
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